02/05/2012 02:58 BST

The Saturdays' Mollie King Reveals What She Saw In Prince Harry (Kinda)

She's denied there was anything going on between her and Prince Harry (pull the other one etc etc) but The Saturdays' Mollie King is a bit more forthcoming about what she looks for in a man.

In an interview in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine the singer reveals she's quite the old fashioned kinda gal when it comes to the opposite sex.

“I’m not into chasing or playing games," she said. "I actually fall for guys when they’re a bit all over me! I like an old-school gentleman who picks you up for a date and opens the door.

"Trust is important – and someone who makes an effort to meet my family and be involved in my life. And they have to make me laugh.”

“Boys have said in the past that I live my life like a movie. I love all things romantic, like kissing in the rain. When I’m with someone, I’m completely devoted to them.”

Hmmm, no mention of ginger hair then.

Meanwhile, bandmate Rochelle admits that seeing fellow Saturday Una Healy have a baby has made her broody.

“It’s made it different," she said "Like, ‘Oh my god, you’re a mum now!’ I love that we’re getting married around the same time. And I just love Aoife. I want to have babies in the next five years.”

The full interview appears in the June issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale now