01/05/2012 11:46 BST

Tonight's TV Pick: The Hunt for Bin Laden, William and Kate: Their First Year, War Hero in my Family

The Hunt for Bin Laden – ITV, 9pm

A year ago today, the US Special Forces made history. Their actions brought an end to a 20-year mission to capture Osama bin Laden, mastermind behind 9/11 attacks and founder of the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

The programme is a long one – one hour and 25 minutes to be precise – but it’s worth it. Through interviews with military leaders and politicians, it documents bin Laden’s rise to power and eventual demise, and gives an in-depth insight into his character.

William and Kate: Their First Year - ITV, 8pm

As Wills and Kate celebrate their first wedding anniversary, this documentary charters the royal couple’s first year.

Unfortunately, it’s hardly the juicy insight I was hoping for - the accounts come from royal watchers and body language experts rather than people actually in the know, you know? Milestones in their relationship are anchored to Kate’s decision to wear a new dress.

Ultimately, it's the continuation of the fairy-tale story we were so fond of last year, but are becoming slightly weary of now. It's, like, so last year.

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War Hero in my Family - Channel 5, 8pm

In this six-part series, 12 celebrities trace the incredible stories of their families’ World War II heroes.

Tonight’s episode follows TV presenter Chris Tarrant and actress Lisa Faulkner. Both head to Germany - Chris fights back tears, while learning what his late father did to earn his Military Cross, while Lisa finds out more about her grandfather’s role in the RAF. Tissues at the ready.

See the trailer for War Hero in my Family below