02/05/2012 07:21 BST | Updated 02/05/2012 07:30 BST

Chihuahua Vs. Parrot Vs. Yoghurt (VIDEO)

For the ultimate grudge match between a Chihuahua (a small, yappy-type dog) and a parrot (a small, squawk-loving bird) over a not-quite empty yoghurt pot, look no further, because what you want is what we've got.

It's muzzle vs. beak as the two titans of the yoghurt-loving animal kingdom battle it out for their plastic prize, and both, somehow, inadvertantly win our hearts. Who will come out victorious? Only time, and clicking on the play button in the video above, will tell.

And for other usually separate animals taking on each other in a cuteness battle, here are some cats squaring off with some deer. Of course.