02/05/2012 05:45 BST | Updated 02/05/2012 08:25 BST

David And Victoria Beckham Share A Kiss On the Big Screen At Basketball Match (VIDEO)

David Beckham sitting front row at a basketball game isn't exactly an unusual sight (boy is he making the most of that season ticket) but it's not often you see wifey Victoria Beckham sat by his side - let alone taking part in a major PDA with her hubby.

The loved-up pair were front row of the LA Lakers and Denver Nuggets basketball match yesterday and after a lot of whispering and giggling ended up puckering up for the love cam like a pair of love-struck teenagers on their first date.

Victoria spent most of the game doing what she does best... pouting, looking disinterested, resting her chin on her hand - but she soon got bored and started playing a game of 'let's see how much I can distract my husband from watching the game' instead.

Oh to be a fly on VB's shoulder pad.

It didn't take much either - as David was soon sharing a joke with his wife before planting a smacker on her which was then - quite rightly - transmitted onto the big screen for all to see.

It wasn't quite a date night though - also joining them at the game was David's sister Joanne (complete with LA make-over) and his mum Sandra.

Talk about a pair of passion killers.


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