08/05/2012 09:18 BST

Green Gadgets For The Home

In past years, eco-friendly gadgetry has become affordable and attractive, making the ‘green choice’ a no-brainer when you’re replacing the kettle.

Talking of which, the Tefal Express Boil is the height of eco fun. Choose your cup size and the machine will remember it, giving you the exact amount of water you require at a touch of a button - saving time, water and electricity

Also fresh to the market is new vacuum cleaner Gtech AirRAM. Using just 100W of energy, it outperforms market leaders that use up to 2000W, which means that over 5 years you could save up to £252 in energy costs.

Want to upgrade your landline phone? Well the digital, cordless ECO Maya telephone is made out of 100% recycled certified plastic and utterly affordable - so you can save money, while using up to 60% less energy than with a more traditional handset.

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