02/05/2012 12:12 BST

Is Tulisa Really Sexier Than Cheryl? Judge For Yourselves (POLL)

As much as we were pleased to see Tulisa top FHM's Sexiest Women In The World poll (well, a leaked sex tape will do that for ya), it would be fair to say a few eyebrows have been raised about it.

Soon after the official announcement was made, #womensexierthantulisa started trending on Twitter, with users suggesting who they thought should have topped the poll instead. Samantha Brick, EastEnders character Heather Trott and I'm A Celeb star Fatima Whitbread were just some of the names mooted. LOL.

But the result of the poll has also caused upset amoung the inhabitants of celebsville, including TOWIE's Mario Falcone, who branded the poll "a fix", tweeting: "Do not understand how Tulisa won FHM 100 sexiest women.... Must be a fix!!!"

Tulisa will have upset an army of soldiers too after beating former poll winner Cheryl Cole to the title.

Her X Factor predecessor had to settle for second place in the hearts and minds of FHM readers - but in our humble opinion judging by Cheryl's jaw-droppingly hot new video for Call My Name, we think they may be hastily rethinking their decision.

The promo clip - which was released earlier today - sees Chezza looking seriously sexy as she belts out her new single.

And of course, Tulisa is currently promoting her debut single Young, the video for which debuted in March.

So natch we think the only fair way to judge who really is the sexiest, is to pit these two ladies videos together.

First up, Ms Cole.

Yep, she's definitely still got it. But does Tulisa give her a run for her money?



Tulisa's LA Looks