04/05/2012 07:49 BST | Updated 04/05/2012 07:51 BST

Aggressive Swan Nicknamed 'Mr. Asbo' Removed From The River Cam

For the most part, swans' reputation is that of gracefulness - but if there's one thing that Mr. Asbo doesn't have, it's grace. In fact, replace 'grace' with 'the desire to attack people who go past him on the River Cam' and you're more along the right lines.

Finally removed from his particular stretch of the river after several complaints, the swan locals called 'Mr. Asbo' will no longer be attacking canoists who happen to float alongside him.

As for where he is now, all that's known is that he's over 60 miles away in a "secret location" - something that makes swan removals suddenly sound a lot more like a James Bond movie.

Many river users, including students from nearby Cambridge University, have welcomed the news now that their cuts, bruises and egos have healed - though a few dissenters are unhappy that a wild animal has been taken out of his preferred habitat.

That said, with it being nesting season, perhaps it was only going to get worse with Mr. Asbo - and maybe we'd end up with a swan-starring Jaws remake on our hands... and no-one wants that.

And just to remind you that not all feathered beasties are scary, here are some utterly adorable videos of some ducks being utterly adorable. Enjoy!

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