04/05/2012 09:50 BST | Updated 04/05/2012 11:08 BST

The Industry Trust Uses ET, Psycho And Schindler's List To Tackle Illegal Downloading (VIDEO)

Amidst the continuing debate on copyright infringement and the whys and wherefores of illegal downloading, The Industry Trust are getting ever more imaginative in persuading us avid film-watchers that watching a film sourced through illegal channels is shooting ourselves in the collective film-fan's foot.

In refusing to pay for films, we are essentially damaging the film industry and bleeding it dry. No money coming in from viewers means no big blockbuster budgets, and no films of the kind of quality we see below...

To that end, they’ve launched their Moments Worth Paying For campaign, focusing on the emotional pay-back we get from great films and directs us to www.findanyfilm.com, a site people can use to locate the films they want to watch, from trusted legal sources.

In a clever tactic, they’ve brought together the most memorable moments – from ET crossing the moon, to Janet Leigh in Psycho’s chilling shower scene – to show us the kind of big screen action we could potentially miss out on.

Where do you stand on the position of illegal downloading. Has this campaign made you feel any differently? Let us know below once you've seen these clips...