04/05/2012 12:05 BST | Updated 04/05/2012 12:05 BST

The £400 ‘Modernist Cuisine' Cookbook Surprise Hit With Foodies

Spending the best part of £400 on a cookbook that contains no recipes may sound absurd to most, but for 45,000 eager (and presumably wealthy) foodies, it cooked up a storm.

According to a recent article by The Wall Street Journal, last year’s costly release, Modernist Cuisine: The Art & Science of Cooking by Nathan Myhrvoid has sold around 45,000 copies despite its hefty price tag.

The five volume book series, which weighs 47 pounds and is 2,400 pages long, was written by the former chief technology officer of Microsoft, who presents the science of food with an array of stunning photographs.

Myhrvoid also enlisted the help of 36 scientists, chefs, editors and photographers, who spent three years helping him create his masterpiece.


Despite containing no recipes, this visually pleasing cookbook, has been a surprise hit among food enthusiasts and Myhrvoid has banked a cool £20m.

“This wasn’t my big money making scheme in life. From the beginning, I realised I could have lost every penny,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

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