04/05/2012 12:18 BST

Rochelle Wiseman Gets Broody In Marvin Humes' Absence

rochelle wiseman

Marvin Humes may find fiancee Rochelle Wiseman extra broody when he returns from his Las Vegas stag do - she's been keeping herself occupied by looking after her Saturdays bandmate Una Healy's baby.

Marvin has jetted to the US with his JLS bandmates and some pals to celebrate his final weeks as an unmarried man, and kind Una has assigned Rochelle babysitting duties until Marvin returns home.

While the JLS star was jokingly handcuffed to a dwarf by friends, Rochelle was snapped back in the UK feeding the tiny tot on Thursday.

Posting the photo on Twitter, she wrote: "Expect more pics of this nature ha."

rochelle wiseman

Rochelle held Aoife on her lap as the little one wore a striped babygrow with dotted pink feet and cuffs.

The newborn sipped on milk from a bottle as Rochelle calmly looked on.

And caring for Una's new daughter may increase Rochelle's desire to become a mum - she recently claimed falling pregnant is part of her five-year plan.

She told Cosmopolitan: "It's (Healy's motherhood) made it different - like, 'Oh my God, you're a mum now!' I love that we're getting married around the same time. And I just love Aoife. I want to have babies in the next five years."


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