06/05/2012 15:46 BST | Updated 06/05/2012 15:59 BST

The Voice Review: Jessie J And Danny Say Goodbye To Hannah Berney, Ruth-Ann St Luce (PHOTOS)

Hannah Berney may have a voice fit for a Queen (she performed for Her Majesty last week) but she didn’t have what it took to get any further on The Voice.

It was time to say goodbye to two more Voicers on Sunday, with Jessie J and Danny each having to get rid of one more.

From Jessie’s team, it was Toni Warne and Ruth-Ann St Luce who had to compete for their coach’s affections, after Cassius Henry, Becky Hill and Vince Kidd all sailed through on readers’ votes.

In an emotional face-off, Jessie opted to stick with Toni, with Ruth-Ann’s “issues with pitch” very much the deciding factor.

Ruth-Ann had put in two admittedly ‘pitchy’ performances prior to her eviction, but she said she was delighted with the progress she’d made.

“It’s been a crazy rollercoaster, and I’ve learned so much for the judges… life-changing… this is not the end.”

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Meanwhile, Danny had to make the difficult choice between Hannah Berney and Max Milner, following the smooth passage of Bo Bruce, Aleks Josh and David Julien.

He eventually opted to keep Max Milner who'd belted out Freefallin', saying he'd seen many changes in him.

Never mind Hannah, the Queen was probably more impressed than Danny. Funny old week.

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