07/05/2012 13:44 BST | Updated 07/05/2012 15:04 BST

TOWIE Star Sam Faiers Reveals All About Love, Life And Sleeping With Mark Wright And Joey Essex

The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers is keeping nothing off-limits in her new book and has offered up withering criticisms of ex-lovers Mark Wright and Joey Essex.

The TOWIE temptress' tome Living Life The Essex Way lifts the lid on her love life, her childhood and her time on the show, and she's ensuring fans know everything there is to know about her.

Serialised in The Sun, she admits she first slept with I'm a Celebrity... star Mark when she was just 16 and he was 20 - and the experience was far from memorable.

Sam reveals: "I don't remember much about it, other than that it was quite simple and straightforward - we were too young and inexperienced for it to be anything more! Nothing came of it anyway. I don't think either of us was up for an actual relationship with the other.

"Mark's reputation as a womaniser is definitely deserved. I can't believe he claims he has only slept with 20 people - I could name 20 people just off my Facebook friends alone.

"I reckon it is probably triple that, which I guess is still lower than a lot of people would imagine. He is always trying to protect his reputation and make himself look more clean-cut. But nope, womaniser he is!"

Sam also hooked up with Joey Essex, and says of their romance: "As for sex, I made Joey wait about five weeks. Our sex life was just OK. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad - he has a great body and he was very sweet - but he just seemed quite inexperienced, and it wasn't amazing. I want more from a man in bed."

However, Sam, who lost her virginity at 15, is shying away from commitment for the immediate future: "If I could plan how it would be, I would take a year off from boyfriends. I'd still like to date people - but I don't want anything too deep."

In the book, the sexy star also opens up about how her father Lee used to beat up her mother Sue - and once turned on her and broke a bone in her back for taking too long at Tesco.

Sam writes: "Mum took us to the shop. Well, you aren't going to get around Tesco quickly, are you? But after an hour and a half, she would get home and Lee would be going mad.

"He would hit and kick Mum, once so badly he broke the bone at the bottom of her back. She had to go to hospital and pretend she'd had an accident.

"One time Mum was holding me and he threw a spanner at her. Apparently it missed my head by about a centimetre. He was just clearly a violent, nasty piece of work.

"He was violent to our mum so I don't want to know him, and I will never forgive him for what he did."


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