08/05/2012 05:47 BST | Updated 08/05/2012 06:37 BST

Caesarian Sunday Sees Cambridge Students Drinking Port Out Of Condoms, Stripping And Vomiting In Park

Drinking port out of condoms, stripping naked, vomiting and drinking themselves unconscious. No, it's not an 18-year-old's post-exams party in Zante, it's students at one of the world's best universities celebrating the arrival of summer.

Cambridge, recently crowned the best university in the world for the second year running, was at the centre of a media storm on Monday after families branded the students' activities "disgusting".

Parents "looked on in horror" as students acted out sexual positions, urinated in the flowerbeds and passed out - all in front of children who had been taken to the park for a day out.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was disgusting behaviour by students who are meant to be the cream of the crop," mother Tracy Burton, from Cambridge was reported saying.

"It totally ruined our afternoon and my four-year-old now says he doesn't want to go back to the park."

More than 2,000 students descended onto Jesus Green in honour of "Caesarian Sunday".

Police and ambulance crews were called to the scene, with one student being attended to by paramedics after he collapsed from drinking too much.

The day's frivolities culminated in an organised spot of fisticufffs between Girton College's Green Giants and the Caesarians - the Jesus College drinking society.

One team marched behind a pig's head displayed on a stake while the other donned war paint, before jumping in the River Cam, according to the Daily Mail.

But the scene was no different to that of previous years - where girls downed pints while wearing necklaces made of kippers and students were left bloodied and battered from the organised fight.

After last year's event, one student said: "A lot of the stuff that goes on is really quite shocking but most of the students are so drunk they just don't care."

Sunday's scenes are perhaps not so shocking when one takes a look at other Cambridge ceremonial rites.

Varsity, the university's student paper, talks of the annual Val Thorens skiing valley rally, which included: "the act of dangling the scrotal sack in someone’s mouth, at every checkpoint, flaming socks being placed on male genitals, the consumption of sweets from various orifices," with the winners being awarded with a trip to Canada.

And it's not just the boys. "Another well-known society’s initiation for female members is alleged to involve the member-to-be standing on a chair, lowering her tights and an existing member dipping her fingers in wine and simulating digital penetration."

However it's not only Cambridge students who indulge in such "shocking" ceremonies.

In March, the University of East Anglia rugby team was disbanded after members attended a party dressed as Baby P and Klu Klux Klan extremists, while a Nazi-themed drinking game played by the London School of Economics students resulted in a Jewish student being left with a broken nose after a punch-up.

In 2008, secret filming by the BBC of an initiation sparked a formal inquiry into the alleged "bullying and intimidation".

Gloucester students were shown lined up against a wall with plastic bags over their heads while another student, dressed in Nazi uniform, paraded them through the streets.

The video leak caused the National Union of Students to call for a ban on such initiation rites.

Cambridge University Students' Union has been contacted for comment but has yet to reply.

The following pictures have been taken from 2010 video footage by student broadcasters VarsiTV. The video can be viewed in full on their website.