08/05/2012 12:51 BST

Chantelle Houghton Tells Of Pregnancy Paranoia: 'I'm Terrified In My Own Home'

With Alex Reid away stripping on the Wild Boyz stage tour, a pregnant Chantelle Houghton has become terrified of being left home alone.

The reality star is apparently so scared of burglars breaking into the pair's house, she's had panic buttons installed.

Chantelle - who recently moved into the Essex pad with fiance Alex - told OK magazine she thinks she may be suffering from pregnancy paranoia.

She said: "The last few weeks have been crazy. We've moved into our new house. Alex is away which has made it even more crazy and stressful not having a man's pair of hands around... I'm terrified in the house on my own. I'm so scared. Every creak. Every shadow on the walls.

"It's like Fort Knox. There are panic buttons in every room of the house. I've got a button and every shutter goes down on the house when I press it. I don't know why I'm so scared. I am frightened out of my life about everything. I am scared of my own shadow. Maybe it's my hormones. I think somebody's going to come and get me. I'm a nervous wreck..."

The couple were recently rocked by reports Alex had called off their wedding, but Chantelle has also hit out at the rumours, branding them false.

Writing in her New! magazine column, she said: "The wedding is not off! I don’t know which 'friend' or associate is saying these things. It’s a bit of a bitch. It’s like, ‘Give me a break, I’m almost eight months pregnant.’”

Alex also recently took to Twitter to quash the stories, writing: "Who evers (sic) the source who said I've called the wedding off, please step forward? Not very nice & how do u (sic) think Chantelle will feel?"


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