08/05/2012 09:44 BST

Ed Miliband: Who's His Favourite 'Only Way Is Essex' Character?

Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg all descended on Essex on Tuesday in the wake of last week's mid-term local elections.

While the prime minster and deputy prime minister hope to inject some new energy into the coalition following a battering at the polls, the Labour leader chased them there in order to capitalise on his recent upturn in fortunes.

Of course with all three leaders in the county it was only a matter of time before one was asked about ITV's The Only Way Is Essex programme.

Fittingly that chance fell to ITV News' Lucy Manning, who asked Miliband: "We are in Essex, The Only Way Is Essex, have you got a favourite Only Way Is Essex character?"

Disappointingly Miliband replied: "I must confess i'm not as avid a watcher as i should be."

"But what is say is, Essex always has stood for aspiration," he added, quickly pivoting back to politics.

"For people aspiring to get on here in Essex ... they feel like they are running up against a brick wall."