08/05/2012 04:19 BST

Jessie J 'Facing Axe From The Voice'

She may be a hit in the pop charts, but Jessie J is reportedly facing the axe from her TV career after calling The Voice "lame".

The Price Tag hitmaker infuriated executives of the BBC talent contest with her comments during a recording of The Graham Norton Show and they are now considering whether or not she should rejoin the panel for a second season.

The Mirror reports Jessie has also turned up late to recordings, a move which could jeopardise her place alongside Sir Tom Jones, and Danny O'Donoghue on the show, which has lost millions of viewers since its debut.

A source tells the newspaper: "Many of the show's most senior staff are angry that Jessie criticised the show's production values so publicly. She is paid a huge amount of money to be a big part of the show, and should be one of the show's most vocal supporters.

"It has had a huge impact on what many of the show's staff think about her. Obviously the dip in viewers means producers need to speak frankly with all members of the team, but with Jessie there's not really any point. You can't tell her anything.

"Nobody really has much control over Jessie J or They're a law unto themselves. With Jessie in particular, the staff are becoming frustrated that she is so unapproachable.

"She turns up with a legion of minders, assistants and hangers on and is sometimes late, too. It's like an audience with the Queen - although Her Majesty's timekeeping is probably better."

In a bid to boost ratings and beat ITV rival Britain's Got Talent, BBC bosses have reportedly roped in Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole to appear in upcoming shows.

The insider adds: "We've just signed Kylie this week and Cheryl is going to perform her new single in a massive exclusive for the show. We are also contacting a number of other huge stars, such as singer Adele, to add more quality to the show.

"ITV have already shown it's dog-eat-dog by moving Britain's Got Talent around the schedules aggressively, so we have got to hit back as hard as we possibly can."

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