08/05/2012 14:11 BST | Updated 08/05/2012 14:35 BST

Richard Ayoade's Breakout Hollywood Role In 'The Watch' - Will You Be Watching? (VIDEO)

Fans of the IT Crowd will know him as Moss. Fans of Submarine will know him as, um, the director of Submarine. Americans who don't fall into either of those categories? They don't really know him at all.

So it's perfectly understandable for for awkward, curly-haired 34-year-old Brit to accept Hollywood's kind offer of a role in a big, high-budget high-concept comedy alongside such big names as Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill in the form of The Watch here.

But the question is... will you be watching? Watching The Watch, that is? The movie he's in, we mean?

Above is the red band - i.e. not suitable for work - trailer for The Watch, and below is the green band trailer for The Watch, if you don't fancy too many dick jokes in one go.

So what do you reckon? Does he work in this context of a bunch of middle-aged men forming a neighborhood watch group before some aliens start attacking? Or does our Moss just look extra awkward and make you wonder about the quality of the film? Or do you reckon he'll steal the movie the way Stephen Merchant did in Hall Pass?

Let us know in the comment box and poll below, why not.