09/05/2012 04:52 BST | Updated 08/07/2012 06:12 BST

Howard Carter Birthday Anniversary Celebrated With Google Doodle

Howard Carter's birthday has been celebrated with a special Google Doodle on Google's homepage.

Carter, who famously unearthed Tutankhamun's tomb, would turn 138 today.

The doodle lays out the precious finds from the discovery, including a golden casket, alabaster jars, gold animals and an ibex head.

The google doodle also marks almost 90 years since Carter discovered what is now the most famous pharoah's resting place.

Carter was born in London on 9 May, 1874, and went to Egypt at 17 to help excavate an ancient Egyptian tomb.

By 1899 he was appointed the first chief inspector of the egyptian antiquities service (EAS).

In November 1922 he struck gold, literally, when he discovered the tomb of the pharaoh with all its treasures intact. The find was most significant, because he was the first contemporary archaeologist do so.

Carter died at the age of 64 in 1939 from lymphoma, just seven years after the excavation was completed. Carter's boss, Lord Carnarvon, also died within years of the tomb being opened, leading to the unfounded myth that opening a pharoah's tomb invokes a curse.

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