09/05/2012 08:03 BST | Updated 09/05/2012 08:49 BST

'FinalCutKing' Hunts For Real-Life Pikachu, Finds Pikachu (VIDEO)

Who is 'FinalCutKing', you may well ask? And why is he hunting for a Pikachu, a character that until now has been known only as appearing in Pokemon TV shows, games, comics and films?

Well, here the answers to those key questions: 1. 'FinalCutKing' is actually a man called Zach King who lives in Los Angeles and the Internet and 2. Because he wants to make you smile and/or show off his special effects skills.

It's key to point out that he's a dab hand at special effects software Final Cut Pro not only because it explains his nickname, but also because it'll help you understand why Pikachu was chosen here - this is an imaginary (and very cute) animal that shoots lightning bolts, after all.

So to watch his discovery of the fabled fictional beastie with his best buddy Aaron, click play on the video above, and after that check out some his other greatest hits in the video gallery below. Warning: they are all exceptionally nerdy.