09/05/2012 11:52 BST | Updated 09/05/2012 12:39 BST

Rihanna Tweets 'You Are My Hero Terri Bancroft' After Student Excluded From School For Red Hair

One lucky student has been hailed a hero by demi-goddess Rihanna after the schoolgirl was excluded from school for dying her hair red.

While Rihanna's millions of fans will be dying to get a mention from the pop princess, it is not clear how the We Found Love singer was made aware of the pupil's plight.

Terri Bancroft, a student at Blessed Edward Jones RC School in Rhys, North Wales, was excluded for a week after she turned up at school with bright red hair.

Despite making efforts to tone down the fiery colour, the school put the A*-student into "consequences", a local paper reported.

"She wasn't allowed out on breaks, she had to be escorted to the dining room and was segregated from her friends," Terri's mother Anne-Marie told the North Wales Pioneer.

Terri has since been allowed back to school but her mother is still seeing red.

Headteacher David Lewis said the school "worked hard" to resolve issues with parents and uniform expectations are clearly set out in students' diaries.

The Year 10 student, who has her sights set on being an RAF pilot, must be sky-high after Rihanna tweeted her support, telling her "The color of your hair doesn't change who u are, you are an A-grade student #1love".


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