09/05/2012 07:09 BST

'Swingball For Cats' Will Make You Want To Buy A Cat, A Swingball Set (VIDEO)

Tetherball, swingball, totem tennis... whatever you call it, hitting a ball dangling off a stick has been an amusing pastime since big sticks, balls and bits of rope were invented.

But alongside us humans, there is one other species on this dear planet of ours that's partial to a little bit of swingballery, and that's cats.

In fact, bar a catnip-smothered scratching post or an especially inviting toy mouse, we can't think of anything cats like to do more than play with bits of string - ideally, bits of string with balls attached to them, hanging from a post.

But never have we ever seen two cats play the game so well and so confidently as these two we've got for you above. They even stay in their special beds! It's truly a wonderful sight.

Other wonderful sights - involving cats playing with things, anyway - come in the form of this video gallery of cats playing with things. Boxes, more boxes, bits of watermelon... it's all here, and it's all cute.