10/05/2012 12:59 BST | Updated 10/05/2012 13:16 BST

'Everybody Farts' And More Wisdom From A Very Stubbled Jon Hamm (VIDEO)

'Ask A Grown Man' is an ongoing video series from Rookie, a website for teenage girls. As such, it deals in teenage girl issues such as whether guys get crushes on girls, when it's the right time to 'go all the way' with a guy and other such important adolescent topics.

What makes it so worthy of your attention, however, is the calibre of guest they get to host these Q&A sessions - three months ago they had Paul Rudd, three weeks ago they got The American Office's B.J. Novak and now there's Don Draper himself, Jon Hamm, offering up advice about everything from farting to dress sense.

It is, in a word, wonderful. If you are in anyway charmed by Mr. Hamm's antics, whether they involve him getting drenched with water or appearing in an 8-bit Mad Men game, prepare to coo and caw at the handsome man and his wise words.