10/05/2012 08:19 BST

David Davies: David Cameron Leading 'Incompetent' Government

David Cameron is leading an incompetent government and needs to change course or risk being booted out of a power, a Tory MP has said.

David Davies, who sits on the right of the Conservative Party, made the comments in the wake of the drubbing his party received at last week's local elections.

In a letter to the South Wales Argus, the Monmouth MP apologised to his constituents for what he said was "incompetence of the highest levels of government".

"David Cameron needs to change his tact very rapidly other wise he's not going to be in position for very long," he said.

"I am sure he realises his supporters are not happy with what's going on."

"If I sound like I'm being critical I am. I have been a been loyal for the last couple of years, although I have voted against the government on certain things like the EU referendum question, but there comes a point when it is becoming more difficult to remain so loyal."

Davies, not to be confused with former Tory leadership candidate of the same name, added his voice to those of a number of Tory backbenchers who blame the election losses on the government's decision to introduce House of Lords reform and gay marriage.

Last night several Tory MPs voiced their anger at rebels such as Davies and Nadine Dorries for voicing their opposition in public.