10/05/2012 07:08 BST

Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' vs. Justin Timberlake & *NSYNC's 'Girlfriend': Spot The Similarities? (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber has revealed he's confused about the comparison of his new song Boyfriend to Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC's hit Girlfriend.

Bieber's new music video shares similar techniques to those used by Timberlake in his *NSYNC days to woo the ladies, including whispering a verse and smouldering looks. Both videos also feature laid-back parking-lot parties filled with sports cars and pretty girls.

In the video above the two hit videos are compared - and you'd be hard-pushed to spot the difference.

However, speaking to MTV News recently, Bieber said of Timberlake's Girlfriend video, which came out in 2002 when he was only eight-years-old: "I haven't seen it... I can't say that I would mind being compared to him but I think that my music is going a completely different route."

Which video do you prefer? Let us know below...

WATCH: The two videos in full