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Britain's Got Talent Final: The 10 Battling It Out To Win - Who's Your Favourite?

Britain's Got Talent comes to a head on Saturday night as the 10 semi-finalists battle it out for the big prize - a chance to perform for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance and £500,000 cash.

But who's left in the running? The past week has seen five tense live semi-finals full of weird, wacky and wonderful contestants and now just 10 acts with unique talents remain.

Judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden have just about used up all their cliched feedback lines and now there's little room left for mistakes from the contestants.

Below we've listed the five finalists that the viewers chose to go through to Saturday's show and the five finalists who the judges chose to keep in the competition.

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The public's pick

Ryan O'Shaughnessy

Singer and musician Ryan O'Shaughnessy, who was previously a contestant on rival show The Voice in Ireland, won the public vote in the last semi-final after singing his own romantic track called First Kiss with yodelling high-notes.

Alesha gushed: "You sound like and old romantic." Simon crudely noted: "You're going to get so much action after this."

Sam Kelly

Irish singer Sam Kelly gained the viewers' votes during the fourth semi-final. His rendition of Iris by Goo Goo Dolls was a touch of class amongst the night's brash acts. "That was astonishing," said David before reeling off some of Simon's best cliches. Alesha exhaled: "I love you," and Simon noted: "You sound like a recording artist." Where have we heard that before?

The Loveable Rogues

The Romford trio were Alesha Dixon’s favourite act going into the semi-finals, and their cheeky chappy schtick continued to do its magic, writing and performing their own song Lovesick.

“You’ve got it all,” said Walliams. “Brilliant,” said Simon, “this is the real deal… I know exactly who you should be working with…” Ker-ching.

Jonathan and Charlotte

Charlotte, whom Simon had suggested Jonathan abandon after the audition, blossomed, and the pair cut a stylish dash together in sparkling black in the second semi-final. As for Jonathan’s voice, it was able to take the audience by surprise again, with a richness beyond its years. Their performance brought the four judges to their feet.

“I suggested Charlotte was holding you back," said Simon to Jonathan, who decided he would stick with his friend, the girl who'd stood up for him against school yard bullies.

As Simon told Jonathan, "That was the best decision you ever made.”

Ashleigh and Pudsey

Ashleigh and her dancing dog Pudsey got the top vote in the first semi-final. They previously blew away the judges with their Flintstones audition piece, and they did it again on Sunday. “What I’ve been waiting for all my life,” said Simon. “A lot of dogs in my life, but never one like this.” He even wanted to breed a puppy.

Walliams thanked Ashleigh and Pudsey for making Simon so happy.

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The judges' choice


They didn't get picked for the Olympic team this year, but the synchronised swimmers proved to the nation they've got something special in the last semi-final.

Dancing underwater to a James Bond song medley in what looked like a large fish tank they made a splash. "That was all the things I loved; swimming, James Bond and skimpy gold outfits," said David. And Simon agreed: "Interestingly I am building one of those tanks in my home, so if you don't win you can come and live in my aquarium."

Nu Sxool

In second place came ANOTHER dance troupe Nu Sxool - the youngest dance group on the show. The cute gang were told by David: "You should be in the final." And now they are.

Molly Rainford

Young songstress Molly Rainford got through after the judges were divided between her and The Twist And Pulse Company, so it came to the public vote again.

Kai and Natalia

Dancers Kai and Natalia “aren’t here to make up the numbers” – a lie, methinks, but they gave it their all. “You look like winners,” said Simon.

Only Boys Aloud

It was left to Welsh choir Only Boys Aloud, to bring the traditional back to the stage, digging into their valley roots for their music, with members describing it as "more like a family" and thanking their choir master for his inspiration.

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