11/05/2012 11:28 BST | Updated 11/05/2012 12:21 BST

Hammer Murderer Christopher Hunnisett Attempts Escape As Court Finds Him Guilty

A man found guilty of murdering a gay supermarket worker he believed to be a paedophile attempted to escape court as the foreman gave his verdict.

Christopher Hunnisett, 28, leapt over the dock and shouted "Every word I said was true".

He had to be restrained by eight people and could be heard sobbing as they tried to calm him down in the dock.

Hunnisett killed 57-year-old Peter Bick with five severe blows to the head with a hammer before strangling him with a shoelace.

Mr Justice Saunders adjourned the case for sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court, London, on May 22.

Following the guilty verdict, Mr Bick's sister, Yvonne Cowling, with the support of her husband Peter, said: "On behalf of my parents, Eileen and Bernard, we as a family would like to say that we are glad that the whole ordeal is now over and we can now be left to grieve for the loss of my brother.

"He will be sorely missed by a large number of friends and family. The one thing he didn't deserve was to have such a violent and horrendous death, so therefore I hope that Mr Hunnisett will never have the opportunity to commit a similar crime.

After being charged it was revealed that Hunniset had previously been convicted at Lewes Crown Court in 2002 of killing the Rev Ronald Glazebrook at his home in St Leonards, East Sussex.

The court heard he drowned the 81-year-old vicar in the bath before asking his friend to help him dismember the body which he scattered in two separate spots in Sussex.

But his conviction was quashed and he was retried for the vicar's murder in 2010 after revealing that he had been sexually abused by Mr Glazebrook.

He was acquitted in September 2010, but in January 2011 he walked into Hastings police station and told an officer that he had killed a man.

That man was 57-year-old Peter Bick who enjoyed meeting young men over the internet for consensual sex.

Hunnisett maintained throughout the four-week trial at Lewes Crown Court that he had killed Mr Bick because he believed he was a paedophile, but the jury was told there was never any information to substantiate this.