11/05/2012 10:41 BST

Peter Andre Reduces Fan To Tears At Opening Of 'Girls' Day Out' Event In Edinburgh

We know Katie Price is a woman of many, many talents but even we didn't know she had the power to shrink people - just look what she's done to ex hubby Peter Andre. The poor little mite's had to hide in one of her pink stilettos.

peter andre in shoe

Well, she is always banging on about 'never underestimating the Pricey' and now we're inclined to agree.

But try telling that to this poor, inconsolable fan.

peter andre

peter andre and fan

Oh hang on a minute - she's shrunk her too. Not to worry, Pete's healing hands look like they're doing the trick.

We jest of course (sorry).

A fully-formed, 5ft 9" Pete was actually opening the fashion, beauty and lifestyle event, Girls' Day Out at the Royal Highland Showground in Edinburgh.

peter andre

And his mere presence all proved waaaaay too much for one fan who burst into tears at the very sight of her idol.

Well, either that or she thought Katie Price was going to turn up instead.