11/05/2012 13:11 BST | Updated 12/05/2012 16:02 BST

Premier League Final Day Of The Season Drama: Agony And Ecstasy Of The Last 20 Years (GALLERY)

It's gone down to the wire, and although Manchester City and Manchester United should have avoided such tension, the Premier League title will be settled on the final day of the season for the fifth time since its inauguration 20 years ago.

At the other end of the table, QPR - who travel to City - and Bolton are clinging on to the hope they will avoid falling into the relegation void.

Tears of joy and sorrow will doubtless flow on Sunday, as The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" is again contradicted by grown men and women. Maybe some children too.

So ahead of whatever-Sky-Sports-plan-to-call-it-Sunday, here's 20 pictures over 20 years of final day drama...

Premier League final day