13/05/2012 05:37 BST | Updated 13/05/2012 05:49 BST

Britain's Got Talent Final: David Walliams Steals The Show, One More Time (VIDEO)

The boy just couldn’t help himself.

David Walliams, not content with stealing this series of Britain’s Got Talent with his positive comments on all the acts and relentless flirting with “my Simon”, had to take to the stage himself one final time during the series grand final on Saturday night.

The relentlessly camp (although happily married) performer donned the same outfit as his fellow Show Bears and launched into an energetic performance of We’re Sailor Men to the tune of their original audition showtune, It’s Raining Men.

Simon and Alesha’s buzzers couldn’t go off fast enough, but nothing could stop Walliams mid-flow. Amanda’s buzzer was then added to the mix.

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And, perhaps as a reward for his efforts, he finally got what he’s been after for the whole series – Amanda swapped seats so he finally got to sit next to his beloved Simon. “I can’t do this,” said Simon of trying to comment on the acts while Walliams stared at him lovingly from a few inches away, "it has to move away."

Other guest performers included previous winner Diversity – the act that spawned a million urban dance acts, most of them seen in the show’s auditions – and the most famous runner-up of all, Susan Boyle.

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