14/05/2012 12:36 BST | Updated 14/05/2012 12:38 BST

Apple To Drop Google Maps, Embrace 3D Maps In iOS6

It's impossible to do this story justice in two dimensions, but get ready to move on from Google maps, Apple fans 3D maps are coming.

Apple will ditch Google maps and install in-house maps application using 3D maps when iOS 6 is released, according to web rumours.

The rumour packs a punch, as the 3D mapping technology was developed by C3 Technologies, which Apple acquired in 2011.

Fuel to the Google map ditching fire, was the acquisition of two other mapping companies Placebase and Poly9.


Apple blog 9to5mac call the 3D maps move "mind blowing".

John Paczkowski from All Things D says that the new feature could be unveiled at the annual Apple worldwide developers conference, on 11 to 15 June in San Francisco.

9to5mac says it gives Apple control over the back end of their map app, which was controlled by rival Google.

Google and Apple are outspoken rivals. Just this year, Apple dropped a bombshell announcing their latest product launch for the new iPad during the Google CEO Eric Schmidt's keynote address at Mobile World Congress. All eyes should have been on Google, but instead, Twitter fired up with fervour discussing the new Apple launch.

But how useful with a 3D rendered map be? Would you use it, and will it be as useful as Google maps' flat line-drawn style? Let us know in comments below.