14/05/2012 12:14 BST | Updated 14/05/2012 12:20 BST

Galloway Attacks Clegg As Cameron's 'Political Catamite'

Respect MP George Galloway has branded Nick Clegg David Cameron’s “political catamite”.

Writing in Holyrood Magazine, Galloway used the term when describing Cameron and Clegg's recent Q&A in Essex.

"If there is a symbol of how out of touch the Prime Minister and his political catamite are it’s the tractor factory setting, clearly dreamed up by some public school spin doctor who has never been downwind of a smokestack," he wrote.

The term "catamite" refers to "a boy kept for homosexual practices" by an older man.

Galloway also questioned whether the coalition is a "marriage, or [a] knee-trembler".

This comes as he has proposed, in the same piece, that there should be a second question in the Scottish referendum calling for more devolved powers instead of secession.