14/05/2012 10:01 BST | Updated 14/07/2012 06:12 BST

Dave Hurban Surgically Attaches iPod To Wrist

This is not what Steve Jobs had planned when he shrunk the iPod.

In a jaw-dropping video posted on YouTube, body piercer Dave Hurban appears to surgically attach an iPod to his wrist.

The stunt takes the notion of Apple fanboydom to a whole new, and more intimate, level.

The possibly pocket-poor piercing professional carefully measures up the MP3 player, then fixes small magnets to his heavily tattooed wrist in the same way small piercings are added to the body.

After much blood-letting and possibly painful precision work, Hurban's iPod then attaches and detaches from his wrist easily.

With an iPod attached to his wrist, there's no end to where the piercer could take his music and audio books.

A similar, and much less painful effect, can be had by clipping an iPod to a wrist or armband, holding it in your hand, or slipping it into a bag or pocket.

Steve Jobs may have loved that he has such a fiercely devoted fan, but Apple will more than likely outmode this body fixture in their text iPod Nano release.

The big question is, what does Hurban listens to on his iPod that he can't be without? Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter? Piercing podcasts? Or just a nice burst of Death Metal Rooster?