14/05/2012 08:46 BST | Updated 14/05/2012 08:55 BST

The Avengers' High School Year Book Photos (PICTURES)

Our picture of the day is a montage image that first appeared on Reddit and is now going viral - the cast of Avengers Assemble in their high school year book.

Yes, if you've ever wanted to know what Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and Co looked like when they were at school, now you know:

avengers high school yearbook

Presumably, they spent their time beating up school bullies, getting high grades in science and taking part in the occasional Avengers Assembly.

And if you want to compare and contrast the photos above to how the S.H.I.E.L.D. superheroes look now, check out the cast of the blockbuster of the year at their London premiere...

Avengers Assemble premiere in London