15/05/2012 04:58 BST | Updated 14/07/2012 06:12 BST

Street Artist Filthy Luker Hits Manchester With His Art Attacks

If one purpose of street art is to make urban landscapes less predictable and wrench passersbys from their day dreams, then hats off to Manchester artist Filthy Luker.

His giant inflatable tentacles, floating pencils and cartoon eyes may lack the sophistication of complex murals, optical illusions or the just plain beautiful paintings found on walls around the world, but you can't deny his 'Art Attacks' (no relation to Neil Buchanan) are a lot of fun.

"An artist I happened to be sharing a studio with, Pete Stars, had stumbled into making inflatables, so we started experimenting with that in nightclubs," Filthy explains to HuffPost UK.

"As our designs got bigger, we had to go out into parks and in the street to blow things up and look at them.

"We got more funny reactions from people in real life than when the sculptures were in a club or festival environment, and from there we just kind of caught the bug on creating unexpected happenings in public."

Filthy's own artistic career got off to an unlikely start when he found himself in trouble at school.

"After being thrown out of woodwork in school for writing on a desk, I was made to do sewing and textiles," he says, explaining why, when the time came to start stitching together inflatable eye balls, he was ready.

"The Street Attacks have always attracted a mixed reaction. We thrive off the confusion.

"Keep your eyes skinned for something massive, multicoloured and unmissable in the near future."

Check out some of Filthy Luker's Art Attacks:

Wacky Street Art

The making of the urban Space Invaders:

To see more check out Filthy Luker's official website.