15/05/2012 11:37 BST | Updated 15/05/2012 13:38 BST

Library Whispers, Cambridge University Website, Shut Down After Cyberbullying Claims

A Cambridge University website set up for exam revision discussion has been shut down after its abusive messages were exposed.

Library Whispers, set up by student Oliver Rees in 2011, was closed down after the co-founder admitted: "It had to be shut before something really bad happened."

On the now-redundant site, Rees says: "Because of an unfortunately large number of individuals who abused Library Whispers and who posted the worst sort of bullying and abusive messages on the site, [it] has had to close."

Rees adds, "sadly, there are a lot of angry people in Cambridge" and insists there was "no other option".

The site was established to give students a break from revision but quickly turned into a "forum of hate".

Some of the worst abuse was passed on to student tabloid paper The Cambridge Tab to re-publish.

The paper described the abuse as "juicy content", saying the obscene proposals were the "highlights" of Library Whispers, and encouraged its readers to "start projecting your own filth and suggestion" on the site.

Comments included: "Don't worry she was a female arts student. Female x Arts => second order, so can be ignored," posted by a user from Trinity College.

"I hate this f***ing library and every single person inside it. I hope you all fail your exams."

And, most shockingly, from a user at St John's College: "Just spat on a working-class person - f***ing jokes!!!!!"

After leaking the "banned and outrageous" posts to The Tab, the founders told the paper: "We've had people arranging midnight liaisons, secret updates about librarians and indecent propositions."