16/05/2012 08:42 BST | Updated 16/05/2012 08:51 BST

PMQs: Ed Miliband And David Cameron 'LOL' At Text Message Jokes

David Cameron has insisted he is "not complacent" on the economy after statistics revealed UK unemployment fell by 45,000 to 2.63 million between January and March.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, Cameron said there were "still too many people in part time work who want full time work".

However Ed Miliband said that while the unemployment figures were welcome, the government still had no long term plan for growth.

"We're in double dip recession, a recession made in Downing Street made by the two of them [Cameron and George Osborne] and thats the reality," he said.

"What discussions has he had on a growth plan for Europe with the new president of France?" he asked.

The prime minister said he had a "brief discussion" with Francois Hollande following his election last week.

But Miliband asked why Cameron did not meet Hollande when he was in the United Kingdom three months ago.

Poking fun at the embarrassing revelations about how the prime minister signed off his messages to Rebekah Wade, Miliband suggested that perhaps "a text message and 'LOL' will go down very well".

Cameron, who had expected the joke responded laughing: "I have to admit perhaps I've been using my mobile phone too much.

And in a jab at Gordon Brown who was known for his temper, he added: "At least I know how to use it rather than throw it at the people who work for me."

However Cameron himself has gained something of a reputation for getting angry during Prime Minister's Questions and Miliband later offered him a piece of advice.

"I know he is going to have extensive training before he goes before Leveson, I've got a suggestion, I think it should include anger management," he said.

This week's prime minister's questions took place as home secretary Theresa May received a frosty welcome from police officers at their annual conference.

"There is one group of people who we know are losing their jobs. and thats the police," Miliband said.

"Can the prime minister tell us how many front like police officers have been lost since he came to power?"

Cameron said that while cuts had to be made to the police force, the proportion of officers serving on the "front line" had gone up under the coalition.

"Everyone will have noticed his answer, the proportion of front line officers, that's because he is sacking so many police officers from the back office," he said.

"What's happening to the number? 5,000 fewer front line officers."