16/05/2012 10:45 BST | Updated 16/05/2012 10:47 BST

Satirical Blog 'Department Of Omnishambles' Gives Lecturers A Chance To Vent Their Woes

For the first time, the public can have access to the innermost thoughts of university academics - and not part with a penny.

Welcome to the Department of Omnishambles, managed by the Faculty of the Inhumanities. Here, students will be reassured to read that, in the face of mounting pressures, budget cuts, staff cuts and "rampant managerialism" - their lecturers still see the higher education world through rose-tinted lenses.

Oh, and have managed to retain a sense of humour.

The satirical blog focuses on the state of higher education in the UK and provides a refreshing and anonymous - obviously - account of what tutors really feel about their prodigies.

Already a firm favourite of The Huffington Post UK, Hannah Arendt posts from her Diary of a Postwar Affliction (coming to a bookstore near you soon).

"Finally got the student evaluation forms back from my 'Bureacracy As Totalitarianism' module, Gutted. 2 out of 5 in three of the categories. I mean it’s not like I even wrote the course myself but who has time to generate new course materials? Feel totally stressed and paranoid. They were all smiling in class… but then this! Who ARE these harpies? I just want to cry. Should I have used more Powerpoint? One of them even commented on my weight. How dare they? Wish I could get used to the new system. I know there’s something deeply wrong with all this, but I just don’t have the time or headspace right now… sigh…"

But, in case you're worried the blog lacks credibility, never fear. Well, it might be a total fake - who knows? But anyway, Plato's posthumous account of his trials and tribulations at the Athenian Academy - the Greeks were miles ahead of Gove - makes an appearance too.

And Plato's not the only philosopher to be feeling fed up with life, with Ludwig Wittgenstein of Cambridge University bemoaning:

"God, I am so f**ked for this round of the REF. All I’ve eaten today is the inside of my cheek. Haven’t written a thing. Job on the line. Maybe… maybe I can turn these diaries into something. A blog? Or is that more an ‘Impact’ thing? Need more ‘Impact’ as well. Maybe a spree killing? Does that count? F**k, f**k, f**k."

Hmm. Maybe someone should alert his head of department?

Read the full blog here.