17/05/2012 12:49 BST | Updated 17/05/2012 13:19 BST

How To Survive The Hosepipe Ban (VIDEO)

Like us, we're sure you're a little confused as to why there's still a hosepipe ban in force during what feels like the wettest month since The Great Wet Month Of '58.

And if, like us, you're a little confused about what to do during said hosepipe ban (should you ever use your hose? Should you stockpile hosepipes in jerrycans in your garage?), then look no further than the video above.

Made by comedy creators Simon Balch and Donal Coonan, it's a handy guide for what to do with your hosepipe. When you're not using it to water your garden. Because there's a hosepipe ban on.

Click play and enjoy, people!