17/05/2012 08:30 BST | Updated 17/05/2012 11:10 BST

Face Sign Guy: Jack Blankenship, Photobombing Alabama Superfan Is Still Going Strong (PICTURES, VIDEO)

A student who made a name for himself by photobombing sporting events holding a giant cut-out of his own gurning face has popped up yet again – at an elementary school.

Brandishing a huge cardboard replica of his own face, Jack Blankenship shared his experience on Twitter, explaining: “Just did my first ever talk at an elementary school. Yes, you read that right.”

The children around him appear to have been taking tips from the self-proclaimed "distraction artist", pulling their own silly faces.

Blankenship shot to fame after he and his giant visage began popping up at college basketball games as a distraction tactic against opposing teams.

He went viral after a photo of him and his enormous face was posted on Reddit earlier this year.

Scroll down for more pictures and video of Blankenship in action

jack blankenship

This was followed by an appearance on ESPN during the broadcast of Alabama’s 69-67 overtime victory over Ole Miss on February 4 game. Announcer Pat Ward was prompted to remark: “This guy… who does that? Mean, who makes a picture of themselves.”

Blankenship's 15 minutes had officially began and he made appearances on the Jimmy Fallon show and Conan O'Brien.

Capitalising on his fame and his face, he was flown to Los Angeles by Funny Or Die, who let him loose on the crowd at the Clippers game and on the boardwalk of Venice Beach.

A video of Blankenship saw him ruminate: “Whenever I distract somebody I feel really accomplished and I have a sense of pride.

“I tend to look at you straight in the face and distract you from any other tasks you are doing.”

He offered tips to fellow distraction artists: “Um you need to make very big movements and make yourself known. And don’t be afraid of breaking a couple of rules."

When asked if he was afraid of critics, he coyly replied: “Maybe you should ask if they are afraid of me.

He wistfully added: “Some days I wish there was a way I could escape my body and I could feel what it’s like to be distracted by myself. “