17/05/2012 09:25 BST | Updated 17/05/2012 11:48 BST

US Leads The World At Hacking, UK Trails In Seventh Place

origin of hacks q1 2012

There's one thing that the US is clearly better at than the UK, and that's computer hacking.

Our friends across the pond have smashed us in the hacking stakes, taking out the top spot in the NCC Group hacking league tables for the first quarter of 2012.

Not to be outdone, the UK has launched into the top ten for the first time ever at seventh place. In our Olympic year, the country can stake a claim for 2.4% of the world's web attacks.

global hacking top ten


Russia is also charging up the charts, with over 12% of worldwide hack attacks starting there. NCC Group measure that country at just 3.5% of global hacking in their last survey.

The groups says there was also a leap in hacks from the Netherlands, up from 3.1% to more than 11% in the first quarter of 2012.

Rob Cotton, NCC Group’s chief executive, said: “Cyber crime is perpetually evolving - the dramatic increase of hacks from certaincountries over a three month period just goes to show the fluidity and quick-changing nature of the issue.”

“Because cyber crime develops and alters on a daily basis, so too must the counter-measures. We need greater agility and collaboration on an international scale.”

Ram Herkanaidu, security researcher at internet security specialists Kaspersky Lab told The Huffington Post that while hacks might launch from the listed countries, the hackers could be anywhere: "The ‘Origin of Hacks’ report maps out the countries which are most being used for launching network attacks. The ‘bad guys’ behind the attacks will not necessarily be from the same region. They can trigger an attack from anywhere to anywhere. They make use of botnets, compromised computers herded into a network, to launch the attacks."

Some of the the most remarkable hacks have come out of the UK this year. Cyber criminals managed to hack into some of the Ministry of Defence's top secret computer systems, the military's head of cyber-security admitted.

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A 17-year-old suspected spokesman for Team Poison - hackers who hacked the MI6 website - was arrested in May after bragging that no government could stop them.

In Norway, two teenagers were arrested in May in connection with a series of computer attacks, including Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca).

In April, Austrian police arrested a 15-year-old boy for allegedly hacking into 259 companies in just 90 days.

In the same month, Iran had to close one of its major oil facilities after it was shutdown by malware virus attacks, according to reports.

The renowned computer hacking group Anonymous brought down Interpol’s website in March, immediately following 25 arrest of the hacking organisation’s affiliates members.