18/05/2012 10:57 BST

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield 'Sing' In 'German' For 'Amazing Spider-Man' Promotion (VIDEO)

Regular readers will know that we're fans of both Emma Stone - see our post on her 'Dance Dare' on Ellen - and her beau, Andrew Garfield - see our post on him dancing on, ahem, Ellen also - so when they're together? Well, that's just wonderful.

This particular video sees the Amazing Spider-Man co-stars join forces to 'sing' a little ditty about their upcoming web-slinging movie for the German public, and just to make their German friends feel more comfortable, they also sing a bit in the German tongue.

The resulting YouTube video manages to be both adorable and very awkward at the same time - something Garfield's character, Peter Parker, is used to being on a daily basis.

Of course, we'd have preferred it if they'd sung The Simpsons Movie's 'Spider-Pig' song, but perhaps they're just waiting to do that on a later date.

In the meantime, here's the original 'Spider-Pig' rendition, as well as some rather wonderful reinterpretations. Enjoy!