21/05/2012 11:14 BST | Updated 21/05/2012 15:12 BST

Summer In The City - Newly Discovered Photos Reveal Vintage London

Most photographers know that a opportunistic snapshot can tell a much richer story than a set-up scene.

Which is why The Museum of London were probably pretty chuffed to get their hands on Frederick J Wilfred's street photography of London from 50 years ago.

Although a professional portrait photographer by trade, Wilfred's documentary shots of everyday London life give a fascinating insight into what the city looked like recovering from the second World War and creeping into the swinging sixties.

Indeed, the photographs, which are part of the museum's Year of Photography and the London Festival of Photography, are still riddled with mystery, as Wilfred didn't leave much information about them.

Senior Curator of Art, Francis Marshall, says, "Wilfred didn’t leave much information about the images, so if you recognise a location or someone, perhaps even yourself, please do email us at"

Do you have any more clues about the pictures? Check out our gallery below.