21/05/2012 06:51 BST | Updated 21/05/2012 06:57 BST

Hugh Jackman 'Auditions' For Teacher Role In Glorious CollegeHumor Skit (VIDEO)

Online chuckle-enducers CollegeHumor may insist on spelling their own name wrong on a regular basis, but there's no denying their sketch-creating chops.

Their latest really rather wonderful comic creation centres around Wolverine - sorry, Hugh Jackman - as he tries to get a job as a teacher at Harlem Village Academies.

Approaching it as if it were an audition for a part he was already destined to win, he acts out scenes from Shrek, sings some Cee-Lo Green and even takes the mick out of his unfortunate zip-lining accident with Oprah from a few months back.

Oh, and he performs some press-ups just to make Neil Patrick Harris look bad - and probably to make several people swoon in front of their computer monitors, of course.

It's all in aid of - you guessed it - Harlem Village Academies, and it's yet another highly rewatchable online treat from Mr. Jackman - and for more of those, check out our Hugh Jackman video gallery below.