'I So Pale' Fail: Newsreader Doesn't Realise She's On Air (VIDEO)

US local news service ABC KTEN Texoma covers parts of Texas and Oklahoma - hence 'Texoma', you see? - and one Ms. Erin Conrad works there as a newsreader.

But though her life seems to be pretty swell, there's something she doesn't like about it: how pale she is. We know this because of a recent snafu of hers, which saw her saying the words "I so pale" before her co-anchor Cathy Evans whispered in her ear to let her know she was live on-air.

In a word: whoops. That said, despite her minor blunder, Conrad carries on like a trooper, delivering her lines without a hitch while Evans smirks despite herself.

On the plus side, at least she didn't swear, eh? Because that would be just plain horrifying, right? Yes, indeed it would...