22/05/2012 05:02 BST

James Bond 'Skyfall' Will Be The 'Best', Promises Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe In Cannes

Film fans can expect "one of the better, if not the best" Bond films ever with the release of 007's latest adventure, the newest Bond girl has said.

The first teaser for Skyfall was played to an excited audience at the Cannes Film Festival, and Berenice Marlohe, who plays Severine, introduced the trailer.

She promised fans would not be let down by the latest in the series of spy films, which has lasted for half a century.

"Fans really can expect all the key ingredients that have made this franchise last for 50 years - action, sense of humour, the characters are very high in colours," she said. "They have a fantastic cast and a fantastic director. They really can expect one of the better, if not the best Bond ever. I really think they will really enjoy it."

berenice marlohe

The clip of Skyfall, lasting around one minute and 20 seconds, opens with James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, gazing out on the London skyline towards the Houses of Parliament.

The teaser features 007 in a word association exercise with an unnamed character while he is watched over by Dame Judi Dench's M and Ralph Fiennes's character. Bond is asked to respond to "Skyfall" and hesitates before saying "done".

A flurry of clips show Bond in China, a row of Union Flag-covered coffins and the usual array of gunfights, chases and explosions.

At one point, a London Underground train appears to come crashing through a wall.

Another scene sees Bond tell someone off camera: "Some men are coming to kill us, we're going to kill them first."

Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film, will be in cinemas from October 26.