22/05/2012 07:52 BST

'Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job' Song Will Be Stuck In Your Head For Days (VIDEO)

Remember The Fast Food Song by early noughties pop merchants Fast Food Rockers? Now that was an insanely catchy song. Terrible, sure, but crazy catchy.

This, a song known as Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job, is just as catchy, but nowhere near as irritating. In fact, it's positively, wonderfully, utterly adorable, and though it'll be banging around your skull for the next two weeks, it'll also bring back memories of really rather cute semi-aquatic marine mammals, and that can only be a good thing.

The man responsible for this delightful ditty goes by the name of Parry Gripp, and for more worryingly addictive (and animal-themed) tunes, head to his website, - that is, if you dare.

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