22/05/2012 12:37 BST

PHOTOS: Boxing Champions Wladimir And Vitali Klitschko Attend London Premiere Of Documentary 'Klitschko'

Usually, red carpet premieres are full of granite-built, oversized men in suits, protecting tiny, glamorous people in high heels somewhere in the middle.

But on last night's red carpet in London's Empire Square, it was the bulky behemoths themselves who were the stars of the show.

Boxing brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko were attending the UK premiere of their documentary Klitschko, which delves dep into their past in the Ukraine and documents their journey to Europe and then America, after they were brainwashed as children of the Soviet bloc to believe that all things west were bad.

In the film, Vitali remembers, "drinking coke for the first time. I could have drunk a whole bucket!"

Between them, the brothers - Vitali, 40, and Wladimir, 36 - have all the heavyweight world championships available, which leads only to the tantalising question of whether they will ever fight one another, for one to reign supreme...

They say not, citing a promise they have always made to their mother, and also because, as Wladimir told HuffPostUK yesterday, "there can only be a loser, no winner. And it's good to keep someone on your side."

Read Wladimir's full interview with HuffPostUK on Thursday. Klitshko is now on release in limited cinemas, and available on DVD from 28 May. Pictures of the pair on the red carpet below... would you mess?

Klitschko premiere