23/05/2012 12:03 BST | Updated 23/05/2012 12:32 BST

Frank Lampard And Christine Bleakley Upset Neighbours With House Renovations

Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley are proving as popular in their neighbourhood as the TV presenter's stint on Daybreak - locals want them out over the footballer's ongoing house renovations.

Despite Chelsea's Champion League victory, Frank is failing to score popularity with residents in the posh London borough due to the lengthy construction work on his luxury pad.

He snapped up the £8m property in the area seven years ago, but his plans to drastically overhaul the house are still ongoing.

Frank has channelled £800,000 into making an underground swimming pool and gym, despite an angry backlash from neighbours who are sick of newcomers causing chaos with ambition building work.

lampard house

One resident is so mad, he wants the striker to pack up and get out of the neighbourhood, where he and Christine live together.

The man tells London's Evening Standard: "It's a nightmare. They are all the same, these people. They make more than £100,000 a week and they just take more and more and give nothing back. We just wish he'd move.

"If you buy a period property in a historic part of London like this why do you then have to rip its heart out? London is changing for the worse and the council just keeps on giving planning permission willy-nilly."

But there could be good news on the horizon for the locals - the couple is said to be keen to move to sunny LA for the next phase of their careers.

A friend told the Mail on Sunday: "They love LA and the trip in May is about testing the water to see if they could make it their home. They are very open to the idea.

"Frank and Christine have secretly been harbouring this fantasy of moving to America for a while, but nothing concrete was agreed until now."


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