23/05/2012 06:55 BST | Updated 28/05/2012 06:08 BST

'I Don't Want It', Says Amazing Talking Cat (VIDEO)

If you were a cat, and you were heading to the vet's, what would you like to tell your owner? "No flippin' way!" perhaps. Or: "What am I doing in this wire cage thing again?" Or possibly: "Uh-oh! Now I get why I'm in this wire cage thing again..."

This cat, however, says "I don't want it". No, really. The video above - posted by YouTube animal-lovers Petsami - isn't one with any After Effects or other kind of post-production trickery. The cat really says it.

And while this moggy's grasp of English might be rudimentary - the "it" should surely be " go to the vet's" - there's one thing you can say about cats: they sure are smarter than dogs. A fact that is also proved by the gallery below...