24/05/2012 08:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Boy Denied Place At Local Primary School Because He Lives 20CM Outside The Catchment Area

Boy denied place at local primary school because he lives 20cm outside the catchment areaCascade

This is the little boy who was refused a place at his local primary school, because he lives just 20cm too far away. Yes, 20 CENTIMETRES!

Jonathan and Victoria Housden were planning to send their son Brock, three, to Bandon Hill Primary, the nearest school to his home in Wallington, south London.

But sticklers at Sutton Council calculated the distance from home to school - to the last centimetre! - and ruled that he was just outside the limit, as his family home lies 433.25m from the school, and the school's catchment area this year ended at 433.05m.

Brock is now without a school place after missing out on all four of his other choices, again because he was outside of the catchment areas.

His father Jonathan, 43, said: "One of the reasons we moved to this area six years ago was the quality of the primary school. We were well within the catchment area then, but now we have missed out by a hand span."

The family are appealing the council's decision, as by their calculations on Google Maps, they are a closer to the school than the council has stated.

"We understand there has to be a cut-off point but we want to be certain the distance has been calculated correctly," said Jonathan, who added that the family would consider home schooling or moving from the borough if their appeal was unsuccessful.

Brook is another victim of Sutton's primary school place crisis, as increasing numbers of children apply to go to the borough's schools. It has meant rapid expansion of schools, with five more due to expand before next September.

In October 2011, 13,927 pupils attended primary school in the area, with the figure expected to rise to 15,906 by September 2014.

Commenting on Brook's predicament, a spokesman said: "We fully understand how frustrating this is from a parent's perspective. But Bandon Hill has an admission of 60 children and we are unable to exceed this due to the limits placed upon us within infant class size legislation."

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